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1. Cologne – Traveling in Germany would not be the same without a stop in the city of Cologne, one of the oldest and most historic cities in the country. The Cologne Cathedral receives more than seven million visitors every year, and has some amazing architectural features. Cologne also offers a rich culture, a thriving nightlife, and many activities and attractions to enjoy.

2. Hamburg – Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, and has the largest port in the entire country which dates back to the Middle Ages. The city attracts individuals from all cultures, and the result is a blending that is charming and exciting both. There are historical buildings and locations, many great eateries and places to stay, and a city that has many attractions.

3. Munich – Munich offers history, culture, a very friendly population, and much more, and it is one of the top ten cities to see in Germany. The English Gardens are the largest anywhere in Europe, and in one area nudity is not only allowed but encouraged, Munich also has many fine museums, but arrange to visit them on any day but Monday, when many of the museums are closed.

4. Berlin – Berlin is one of the top cities to visit while traveling in Germany, and also the capital city of the country. This city dates back to at least the twelve hundreds, and offers much for visitors to see, do, and experience. Numerous historical structures and fabulous architecture can be seen all over the city, and the culture and the nightlife are exceptional.

5. Bremen – Located in the north- west part of Germany, Bremen is one of the top ten cities to visit in this country. Though small enough to be explored in a few days, the city does pack a large punch. It is quaint and charming, yet cultural and elegant at the same time. You will find plenty to see and a lot to enjoy in this small city, with the same name as Germany’s smallest state.

6. Dresden – As the capital city of the state of Saxony in Germany, Dresden is a popular city for visitors. The city silhouette offers many spires and other visual features which make it unique, and an incredible sight to view.

7. Potsdam – One of the top cities to visit while traveling in Germany is Potsdam, and this city is older than Berlin and has more history. Potsdam dates back to around the tenth century, and today it is a great place to visit and vacation. Sanssouci Park features many architectural masterpieces and gorgeous landscaped gardens, and was created by Frederick the Great.

8. Frankfurt – As home to the largest financial center in Europe Frankfurt Germany has a distinction which sets the city apart. Frankfurt is a thriving location, with plenty to do and many attractions to see. High rise structures line the cityscape, and the city is awake and alive around the clock, and full of vitality.

9. Bonn – Bonn is a must experience city if you are traveling in Germany. Culture and art are both big attractions here, and there are a number of museums and historical structures which are fascinating and awe-inspiring. The population is very welcoming, and the numerous attractions include something for everyone.

10. Nuremberg – Best known for the Nuremberg trials held after WWII, this city has a lot more to offer visitors. The city has a medieval charm to this day, with a castle and many other historical structures that can be exciting to explore.

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All religions or belief holds particular beliefs regarding their religion they believe. Including how to worship, religious leaders and also the places which they considered historical and sacred. Here are some sacred cities in the world that might be one of your traveling destinations.

1. Mecca.

Mecca is an important city for Moslem in the world. Mecca is visited by thousands of Moslem from all over the world to perform Hajj in every year. Pilgrimage is one of the main worship in Islam rituals which they follow Muhammad in spreading Islam. Mecca is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and also the birth of the forerunner pulse prophet Muhammad. Mecca is considered as a holy city where the religion of Islam and the revelation of scripture, Al-Quran are born.

2. Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Actually Jerusalem is considered a holy city to Jew, Moslem, and Christian; even to this is still be a struggle between the state of Palestine with the Muslim society and Israel with its Jewish and Christianity. This city is important to Christian and Jew because many important biblical events are said to have taken place in Jerusalem, especially milestone events in the old covenant. Christian believe that Jesus was crucified in the city of Jerusalem. On the other hand Moslem also believe that the Prophet Mohammad visited Jerusalem, because that city is important for Moslem as well.

3.Vatican city

Vatican is a small town that stands alone as a country that was established after the signing of the Lateran treaty between the Sacred Throne and Italy on February 11 1929.Vatican City is the sacred throne of the Catholic religion throughout the world. This is the city of catholic diocese centered activities. The city is a city sacred to the Catholic religion since the year 326, when the first Catholic church, the basilica of Constantine is built on the original site of this city.

4. Bethlehem, Israel

Bethlehem is a holy city located near the city of Jerusalem. The city is regarded as the birthplace of Jesus. Besides it is a Christian city, this city is also regarded as sacred city of two other heavenly religions. According to Moslem believe, Prophet Muhammad had come to worship in the town of Bethlehem on the way to Jerusalem. The city is inhabited by one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, although the size of the community has shrunk in recent years due to emigration, but in every year thousands of Christian pilgrimage visit this town.

5. Varanasi (Benares), India

Varanasi is a holy city for Hindu religion in the world. Varanasi or now commonly called Benares City. The town is situated on the banks of the Ganges in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is also one of the Shakti Peethas and one of the 12 Jyotir Linga sites in India. Instead of considering as the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi is also regarded as the hometown of god Shiva. You will also enjoying an unique culture, which is very different from other places in India, and the city is one of the main cultural centers in northern India.

6. Lopburi, Nepal

Lopburi is a city in Nepal which is considered as one of the holy city for the Buddhist religion. This city is a place where the Sidharta Gautama is born. However Buddhist becomes a minority religion in this country, after the Hindu religion which is dominated by most of the population of Nepal.

7. Constantinople, Turkey

Constantinople is one of the stout-called civilizations in the history of the world. Constantinople town is now part of the Turkish state. At the beginning of the civilization, this city is a center for pagan worship. In this city you will encounter many statues of a god in pagan religion. But now this town openly supported and became a city holy to Christian. Yet still gives access to the pagan worship to do their ritual in this town.

8. Lhasa, Tibet.

City of Lhasa in the Tibetan language which is interpreted as the holy city. This city is a city that used to be the capital city of Tibet. This city is an important city for the followers of Buddhism, especially Buddhist followers in Tibet Lamaism. This city is a forbidden city for foreigners and tourists that emerged as the Real Forbidden City. In general, this city is the cultural center, where traditional medicine, astrology, philosophy, and Buddhism can be studied in great institutions of learning. Above cities are cities that are considered sacred by some religions and beliefs in the world. In addition of offering the holy pilgrimage, these cities also offer other tourist attractions you can enjoy.

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It was a positive night fro Hull City Football Club in their home fixture in the reserves league on Wednesday night. Hosting near neighbours Scunthorpe United at Ferriby’s Church Road ground, the Tigers’ second string ran out comfortable 3-0 winners. But that wasn’t the only pleasing point of the evening. Now you can find out why, with a round up of the latest news coming out of Hull City Football Club.

On Wednesday evening the reserves ran out 3-0 winners over Scunthorpe United with a smattering of first team stars on display in a mixture of youth and experience taking up the mantle for the Tigers. Included in affairs for City was Kamil Zayatte who played a stellar role in the centre of midfield for an hour along with Ian Ashbee and both are expected to be added to the squad for the short trip to Barnsley at the weekend.

However, the two main talking point of the evening was seeing Arsenal loan signing keeper Vito Mannone provide a vocal and assured presence between the sticks – despite a relatively comfortable night – and triallist Liam Rosenior take up the right back berth for City. Both players offered plenty of promise and the latter went a long way to securing a more permanent deal at Hull City Football Club after leaving Ipswich Town.

Elsewhere though – away from last night’s reserves exploits – two players look destined to extend their stays at the club. Firstly, loan signing Rowan Vine – who arrived from Queens Park Rangers for an initial one month loan spell – looks set to remain at City. The two clubs are supposedly in talks with a view to the striker staying with Hull City Football Club for a little while longer.

Finally, City stalwart Nick Barmby is hoping his performances can earn another year on his deal at the club. The 36 year old has a contract that is due to expire at the end of the season, but the locally born star is hoping to get a new deal with Hull City Football Club so he continue playing for his home town team. At the present, Barmby is already embedded into the coaching staff, but hopes to continue pulling on his boots for the Tigers for another year.

Should the former England international receive his wish, it would see the Hull man extend his stay at the club to an unprecedented six consecutive years.

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A city break is an ideal way to learn something of a different culture in a few days. A city break gives you a chance to absorb a new experience. The Balkan region has a diverse mix of geography, history and culture.

City breaks in the Balkans offer something for everyone no matter what your age, taste, or whether you are part of a group or travelling alone.

Here are 10 cities that reflect the character of the Balkans.

1. Belgrade – Serbia

Belgrade is known for being a vibrant and trendy city and has a reputation for offering a vibrant nightlife the best features of which are the barges spread along the banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers.

Belgrade boasts two opera houses, a number of museums, including the National Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. There is also some stunning architecture

A former river island, Ada Ciganlija, on the Sava river, is Belgrade’s biggest sports and recreational complex. It is the most popular destination for Belgraders and visitors alike during the city’s hot summers.

2. Bucharest – Romania

Bucharest is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Epoque buildings and a reputation for the high life, which at one time, earned it the nickname of “Little Paris”.

Bucharest has much historical charm – from the streets of the Old City Centre, which are slowly being restored, to the grand architecture of the Royal Palace and the lush green of Cismigiu Park. The city also claims a large number of museums, art galleries, exquisite Orthodox churches and unique architectural sites.

3. Dubrovnik – Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the world’s finest and best preserved fortified cities and features two kilometres of walls, some 6 metres thick in places lined with turrets and towers, that run around the city. George Bernard Shaw said in 1929: “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

4. Ljubljana – Slovenia

Ljubljana is a charming city, the numerous parks and a vibrant cultural scene. There are numerous art galleries and museums and a mediaeval castle located at the summit of the hill that dominates the city centre.

Ljubljana Zoo covers has 152 animal species. An antique flea market takes place every Sunday in the old city. Tivoli Park is the largest park in in the city, has 3 main avenues, planted with chestnut-trees.

5. Sarajevo – Bosnia

Sarajevo is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and situated around the Miljacka river, commonly known as the Sarajevo River. This river is one of the main features of the city. In December 2009, Lonely Planet listed Sarajevo as one of the top ten cities to visit in 2010

A great way to get around this city is on the electric tram system. Sarajevo was the first city in Europe to have a full-time operational electric tram network running through the city.

6. Skopje – Macedonia

Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, and the Memorial House of Mother Teresa commemorates this. There are many old churches and mosques to visit for those who love history and architecture.

Many famous worldwide artists have attended the music festivals over the years. The Skopje Jazz Festival is part of the European Jazz Network. The Blues and Soul Festival in early July is part of the Skopje Cultural Summer Festival and the May Opera Evenings have been one of the most visited events in Skopje.

The City Park is home to the main museum, several monuments, small lakes, cafes and restaurants. The city Zoo and stadium are also here along with several nightclubs.

7. Sofia – Bulgaria

Sofia is nestled in the foothills of Vitosha Mountain, which makes it an ideal location for hiking and skiing. The city of Sofia is a lively, bustling and cosmopolitan city with many nightclubs, live venues and traditional Bulgarian taverns and restaurants. Many famous musicians have played in Sofia.
Sofia houses numerous museums and art galleries, including the National Historical Museum, the Bulgarian Natural History Museum, the Museum of Earth and Men.
The city has many places of special interest, museums and churches, and has a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Boyana Church

8 Split – Croatia

The city is located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and offers great links to surrounding seaside towns and to the numerous Adriatic Islands.

The city centre is taken up by the Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian, which is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Athens – Greece

Athens is home to the world famous Acropolis? The Parthenon and the other main buildings on the Acropolis were built by Pericles in the fifth century BC as a monument to the cultural and political achievements of the inhabitants of Athens. You could spend some days exploring this and it is best to start early on the hot summer days.

The Plaka is the oldest section of Athens. It is now a pedestrian area of restaurants, tourist shops, and cafes and is an enjoyable place to relax.

The National Archaeological Museum ranks among the top ten museums in the world.

10. Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul, the historic city that stands in Europe and Asia and has the status of 2010 European Capital of Culture is an ideal venue for a city break.

In Istanbul’s steep and bustling streets, and visitors can spend hours buying or viewing the wonderful products on offer in the markets, where bargaining is essential. The Grand Bazaar, has over 4,000 craft shops, selling carpets, pottery, jewels, and antiques in its labyrinths.

There are many monuments and historical sites including the Hagia Sophie and one of the greatest examples of Islamic architecture, the “Blue Mosque”

Be sure to take a ferry along the Bosphorus Strait, and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the city especially at sunset.

There are many more places in the Balkans that make it ideal for a short city break.

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Buzz… People… Buzz and People

Greater Mexico City sometimes considered the world’s largest and most populated city is the most ancient metropolis of America. Founded by the Nahua Aztec or Mexican tribe as Tenochtitlán in 1325, it rapidly became the capital of a sophisticated growing empire. Mexico City is the highest (2,240 meters / 347 ft) metropolis on the North American continent and is located in the large Valley of Mexico, also called the Valley of Anáhuac. Sheltered by the volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl Mexico City has the best climate of the world, with an average annual temperature of 22°C.

The population is around 28.5 million inhabitants! Yes, I know there are a lot of people over there… but Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico, the nerve center of the all political, financial and cultural activities and has an important relevance as the “bridge” among the United States and the Latin America.

Mexico City is also the Federal District (Distrito Federal in Spanish, and hence the abbreviation D.F. that officially follows the name of the city). The Federal District is coextensive with Mexico City: both are governed by a single institution and are constitutionally considered to be the same entity.

Mexico City incorporates 58 adjacent municipalities of Mexico State and 1 municipality of the state of Hidalgo, according to the most recent definition agreed upon by the federal and state governments.

Mexico City offers everything a modern, savvy traveler or family vacationer could ever want.

Mexico City D.F. is huge and that’s why the number of hotels and accommodations are also high!

In Mexico D.F you can find luxurious rooms with services of every kind, boutique, suites, comforting low price rooms, budget accommodations and amazing colonial hotels in the historical zone…so, in Mexico City you will have so many options to choose the hotel that is just right for you.

This colossal city offers a great variety of cultural, commercial and tourist attractions where you and your family will be able to realize all kinds of activities as visiting museums and admiring its marvelous collections that reflect the historical and artistic evolution of the people of Mexico, from the pre-Hispanic epoch to the present day. Mexico City is a city with world class events, festivals, shopping, food and wine, and a fabulous arts scene.

Mexico City is one of the most important cultural centers in the world boasting more museums than any other city. It is also the fourth city in number of theaters after New York City, London and Toronto.

Mexico City Mexico has, recently, received significant attention for its incredible architecture. A mix of 16th, 17th and 18th century European buildings are found with contemporary day businesses near by.

History shows up everywhere in the city, for example, there are at least a dozen major working archaeological sites within the city limits!

Speaking of the past, you won’t want to miss the Xochimilco floating gardens, which have been in existence for seven centuries, since the time of the Aztecs!

Such an experience awaits you in the Zocalo, the historic heart of the city. The Zocalo is just one of many amazing spots in this vibrant and ever-changing city, though, dominated by its monumental Metropolitan Cathedral.

Chapultepec Park, the largest park within a city in the world, is a fantastic example. The park is in places exactly as it was centuries ago, but elsewhere in the park you will find a host of entertainments for adults, kids and the entire family. From mime troupes to magic shows, there’s something for everyone.

And then, Mexico City offer a beautiful zone, Coyoacan. Coyoacan is an enchanting colonial neighborhood in which you can actually feel the tranquility and colonial charm of Old Mexico.

If you want to know more about the history of this marvelous nation, and not only, I suggest you to visit “The National Anthropological Museum”

México City is also a very special place for shoppers. Anything that is made in México is available here along with countless imported designer items.

Shopping ranges from extraordinarily varied (and frenetic) markets to swanky boutiques, department stores, and shops specializing in Mexican arts and crafts. For its numerous bazaars, squares and malls up to exclusive boutiques Mexico City offer crafts, clothes and silver jewels of every kind at exclusive prices.

Plan a visit to Polanco, especially the areas of Presidente Masaryk, Centro Santa Fe and Zona Rosa if you would like to bring home good stuff. Centro Coyoacán and Perisur, which are both located in the southern part of the city, are other very popular shopping places.

TRAVEL TIPS – Try to negotiate on the price, sometimes it gives good results :-)

What about the Mexican cuisine you will taste in this huge city?

The arrays of restaurants, of every kind, dotting the roads of Mexico City propose delicious recipes and spicy tastes! Most of the Mexicans eat meals on the street in the marketplaces, but the restaurants range from traditional Mexican restaurants, seafood specialists, Spanish, French, Chinese, Argentinean and Italian cuisines. You will find some of the world’s greatest steak houses and also some of the best tacos.

After a good tacos dinner, maybe accompanied by the typical Mariachi music, the party starts…

The Mexico City nightlife is some of the best in the entire world. You will have an almost endless choice of options. Nightlife doesn’t usually get going in until 10 pm at the earliest, and while the more sober places close at 2am, others stay open until 4 am or later. It is always alive, but at night, the vibrations pound and the parties kick into full swing.

The music scene boasts jazz clubs, loud all-night discos, Mariachi music, Flamenco, Cuban and salsa clubs, classical concerts, opera, philharmonic orchestras, romantic trios, chamber music and much much more!

TRAVEL TIPS -Check with yours and other local Hotels about public parties they may be hosting during your Mexico City Vacation. Traditional Mexican theme night parties are popular with the locals, and there’s a chance you could join a really special night out!

TRAVEL TIPS – Mexico City has a reputation for danger. The average tourist is not likely to be a victim of these crimes. The first rule is NEVER hail a taxi on the street. Take only sitio (stationed) cabs that operate out of stands or cabs called for by hotel or restaurant staff. Major tourist areas are generally very safe, but be on your guard against petty theft, as that threat is pervasive. Mexico City has an inexpensive, easy-to-use metro, and an equally cheap and practical bus system plying all the main routes.

The amount of fun you can have in a Mexico City Vacation is impressive!